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Your Place

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Your Time

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Your Way

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Exercises & Programs

Exercises & Programs

We show the form always in a complete real-time length, but also divided in little parts, the exercises. There are also a series of exercises for a week or a month or longer, that is a program.

Judith van Drooge

Judith van Drooge

Judith van Drooge is a certified teacher Martial arts (L.M.A.) and a student of master Luis Molera (died in 2015) en grandmaster William Chi Cheng Chen.

Ellen Schoemaker

Ellen Schoemaker

Ellen Schoemaker was born in Canada. As a young child she moved to the Netherlands. Her Tai Chi career starts in 1986.

Daily Chi

Daily Chi

DAILY CHI is an online opportunity to do guided Tai Chi and Qigong exercises on a daily basis. Every morning you will find a new DAILY CHI program. So You stay fit. In balance. And it prevents falling.

Epi van de Pol

Epi van de Pol

Epi van de Pol is one of the founders of the Dutch Taiquan Association and teaches all over the world.

Rudy van Cuyk

Rudy van Cuyk

Rudy van Cuyk, you practice what you teach: balance, tranquillity, relaxation and finding the trust, the faith in yourself.

Your Teacher Only

Your Teacher Only

You like to practice at home. Then you need your teacher only! This is the way to have your teacher 24 /7 near you. Your time, your place, your way.

Yolanda de Jager

Yolanda de Jager

Yolanda de Jager is a CRKBO certified teacher. This means that she qualifies for all the requirements for short professional education in the Netherlands.

Resi Messelink

Resi Messelink

Resi Messelink has been a Tai Chi teacher for over 22 years. Resi gives her guidance from a Taoist point of view. Doing by not doing.


Exercises & Programs


    Short introduction to one of the meditation exercises given by Resi Messelink


    The unbalancing of the opponent is not based on power but by feeling how the opponent stands on his feet, using his reaction patterns, teacher Ellen Schoemaker


    Short introduction in the Eight Section Silk Brocade by The Chinese Health Qigong Association. Given by Judith van Drooge


    Chi or Qi means the life force, the energy, the breath, also the air. Gong means the art, the play, the technique, the manipulation, teacher Yolanda de Jager


    Effortless push/slow push is a push with a partner that does not require more effort if a push in the air without a partner, teacher Epi van de Pol


    Before starting Tai Chi, it's important to warm-up your body. There are several ways to do that, one of them is Open the Heart, teacher Rudy van Cuijk


    Working with basic principles of Tai Chi Chuan: relaxation and movement from the center. Every week a new lesson of 1 hour, teacher Judith van Drooge


    The endless practice of a movement at the Human Level based on the structure of the body. In total six excersises, every week two, teacher Epi van de Pol.


    The unbalancing the opponent is not based on power but on feeling. A series of 10 different movements, every week one exercise, teacher Ellen Schoemaker


    The Tai Chi short form of William CC Chen is based on 60 elements. The first 30 elements are demonstrated in 8 blocks, 1 block every week, teacher Rudy van Cuijk


    The Tai Chi short Form of Cheng Man Ching has 37 elements. The first part exists of 12 elements. Every week 1 element, teacher Yolanda de Jager


    This is the abbreviated short Form of Cheng Man Ching - who compiled this Form. First part consist of six blocks, every week one block, teacher Resi Messelink



  • Tai Chi Styles & Chi Kung

    Tai Chi has spread worldwide. It involves meditation (qigong), self defence (sanshou), response drills (tuishou) and hand & weapons routines (taolu).

  • Body & Mind

    The body-mind connection is basic. Tai Chi is a very strong tool to create this process. Yin & Yang are the means of transport. Masculinity and femininity.

  • Chinese Culture

    China is immense. Important are Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese medicine, Yin & Yang, martial arts, reincarnation, the I Ching , Chinese arts and Chinese cuisine.

  • Exercises & Daily Chi

    More then 300 videos of exercises and very soon starts the Daily Chi program with every day a new exercise.

  • Your Teacher Only

    There is the possibilty to choose just for your own teacher.

  • Your own TV-station

    For large groups is the possibilty to create their own TV-station, just for them.

  • Agenda & News

    Taichi@home is trying to capture all the main events, happenings, visits of Tai Chi Masters and teachers all over the world. Please send us your information.

  • For You

    Tai Chi can be used by everyone. That is important to know. You do not need to have special gifts or a special body. Tai Chi is for you.

  • Testimonials

    Taichi@home builds on an ever-growing library of testimonials. Users of, teachers and masters in Tai Chi tell you what they think of Tai Chi and Taichi-at-home.


Enjoy what you really are!


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What you thought was weakness will become your strength.
  • Taichi-at-home helps you to remember the exercises – Judith van Drooge

  • I want to thank you for the setup and intentions of this website, because it can be a good method to further develop your skills at home - Jolanda Stellingwerf

  • All the benefits of Taichi-at-home for Tai Chi practitioners – Ellen Schoemaker

  • It’s great your offering! – Maria Straathof

  • Loves doing Tai Chi “ Loren Loomis

  • I was allowed to teach an enrichment class in Tai Chi – Paul White

  • Taichi@home gives you the unique possibility to practice @home – Resi Messelink

  • You learn faster by continued practice – Yolanda de Jager